Invest in yourself, invest in your health - you are worth it!

Whether you need stress relief, pain relief, or support in your recover - I can help.  I am a Holistic Health Practitioner and I use a blend of light/firm/medium/deep tissue massage to get you back to your relaxed, happy and more fluid self.

I am also certified in Oncology Massage and am highly qualified to provide Prenatal Massage.

Invest in yourself, invest in your health - get a massage, you are worth it!


  • Custom blended massage lotion that is paraben-free, unscented, all natural and won't stain your clothes or leave you feeling greasy after your session.

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First time customers: $90/90 min

Have we never met? Have you never had a session with me? Than this is for you! 60-minutes of bodywork with an additional 30 minutes for an intake, assessment, post-session feedback and stretching recommendations.

Custom Body Reset:$50/HR

A therapeutic blend of bodywork modalities designed to help with pain relief & relaxation for returning customers. 

Energy Reset: $50/HR

A relaxing combination of hands-on energy work and a head/neck, feet and hand massage - to help get your spirits up and ready to take on the world again! This is an excellent choice for those of you who may be medically fragile, need trauma-based bodywork or would simply like to try something new.

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A few of the modalities I use:

  • Deep Tissue Sculpting:  Slow compressions into areas of tension, sinking and melting deeply into muscle, sculpting the length of them, if they allow it.  This is a great technique for chronic pain.

  • Swedish Massage:  Done with oil (or lotion if you prefer), undressed to your level of comfort, this traditionally includes flowing strokes, kneading, rhythmically tapping and gently applying cross-fiber techniques to help you deeply relax and unwind.

  • Jin Shin:  An Eastern modality designed to energetically rebalance the body, touching in on different points while you are fully clothed and face up on the table.  It is very gentle, relaxing work, perfect for anyone who may not love traditional Swedish-style massage, anyone who may have health issues that contraindicate traditional massage work or who are simply looking for something new to help with issues such as joint pain, sleeping problems, anxiety, stress and depression.

  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage:  A technique used to gently stimulate the lymphatic system and assist in the reduction of localized swelling.  This, combined with Jin Shin, is highly recommended for people that have been bedridden for any length of time, it stimulates the lymphatic system with minimal risk of disturbing any blood clots that may have formed due to lack of movement.